What it Does

Left Click

Select something, such as:

* A Card.

* A Target for the Card you have selected.

* A Unit

* A Target for your Unit (which will be either an empty square for it to move to, or an enemy for it to attack).

Right Click Select an enemy Unit without attacking it. Use this when you want to view the enemy Unit's stats or if you want to see a Combat Summary before you initiate an attack.
1-8 Select a card. Hitting any number 1-8 selects the card in the lowest row of the respective column; hit the same number again to tab up a row.
Esc Deselect the Card you have selected.
Enter "Pass" or "End Turn".
Shift View boxes indicating the VS (white), RG (red), and Min RG (blue) of your selected unit (and an enemy unit if one is selected).
Tab Center the camera on whatever unit (or units) are currently selected.
Space Bar Snap to the default zoom level. Hitting Space Bar again pops you back to your last zoom level.
Backspace Toggle the display of all Cards and the Discard pile on/off.
Delete Toggle Effect Icons and Unit Flags (AP and HP) On/Off.
Mouse Wheel Up/Down OR PgUp/PgDn Zoom in and out.
Center Mouse-Button + Drag OR Ctrl + Drag OR 'Arrow Keys Scroll around the map

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