Satellite Deck, Satellite Hand, and Satellite Uplinks

130122 SatUplink 02

An uncontrolled Satellite Uplink.

When you create an army in the Deployment Editor, your army must include a Satellite Deck of at least 40 cards. During your Upkeep Phase, you draw one card from your Satellite Deck into your Satellite Hand for each Satellite Uplink that you control. To control a Satellite Uplink, you must have a unit standing adjacent to it during your Upkeep. Once Satellite Cards are drawn into your Satellite Hand, they can be played on any target on the battlefield unless otherwise specified on the Card itself.

You can have up to 8 Cards in your Satellite Hand. If at any time you would have more than 8 Cards in your Satellite Hand, the Cards on the left are discarded first.


* You can only draw one Card per Satellite Uplink per turn. Having more than one Unit controlling the same Satellite Uplink does not entitle you to draw more cards.

* Satellite Uplinks can be mutually controlled. If both players have unit(s) standing next to a Satellite Uplink, both players will draw a Card on their respective Upkeeps.

* When you have drawn all the cards in your Satellite Deck, your deck is reshuffled and you can continue drawing more cards.

* We cannot presently think of any reason that you would want to have more than 40 cards in your Satellite Deck, maybe you will think of a reason.

* Satellite Uplinks are permeable and translucent.  

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