Just Tactics is free to play. If you are not sure if your system can run Just Tactics, you can download the game and see if it works or not. If you have a slower processor or video card, the playback of effects and other visuals may cause drops in framerate, but, since Just Tactics is turn based and not real-time, you may determine that framerate drop doesn't affect your ability to play the game.

You cannot, however, play the game without enough RAM, when you run out of RAM, the game will simply crash. If you are getting random out of memory crashes and you are trying to get by with less RAM, you can try playing the game at a lower resolution. A lower resolution will significantly reduce how much RAM you are using. If you edit the 'video.config' file in the Just Tactics folder, try changing the Width and Height (you don't want to mess with the other variables), you can go as low as 1280 x 650.

Min System Requirements

Recommended System Specs


Broadband Internet Connection



Dual Core Processor (i.e. AMD Athlon II X2 --OR-- Intel Core 2 Duo)

Quad Core Processor (i.e. AMD Phenom II X4 --OR-- Intel Core i5)

Windows or Ubuntu Linux x

If you are running 64 bit Ubuntu Linux, you need to install 32 bit libs.  Check out the Linux Support Page.  Feel free to try other flavors of Linux as well, please edit this wiki if it works (or doesn't work). 

3 GB System RAM x x
NVIDIA GT 430 1GB Video RAM --OR-- ATI Radeon 4350 1GB Video RAM

NVIDIA GT 630 1GB Video RAM --OR-- ATI Radeon 5670 1GB Video RAM

Intel HD graphics are not supported. The card you use must support OpenGL 3.2 and must have 1 GB of Video RAM. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.  Linux Users, you need proprietarty drivers, open source drivers will not work.  Check out the Linux Support Page if you are having issues. If the game is crashing for you, and you are looking to upgrade your card, it is difficult to know which card you should buy. For example, the GT 430 is twice as powerful as the GT 520, go figure. You may want to check out a site like:

1 GB of available HD space x x

1280x720 Display Resolution

x x
Stereo Sound Card x x

Recommended: a mouse with a scroll wheel.

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